Woolly Mammoth 

            (The Hercules Mammoth)


There are a number of technical problems with the “Hercules mammoth”.
First, it looks like a typical African elephant with some smudged texture on it to make it appear woolly.
Second, the distinctive red hair found on genuine frozen mammoths has been forgone here in favor of normal elephant gray hair.
Third, patches of hair seem to have been placed at different locations on the animal, so that the continuous flow of hair is disrupted numerous times. See an example on the top of the animal's back near its rear.
Fourth, the tusks are a bit patchy in both color and shape, and notice that although only one tusk appears in the shadow on the ground, it is a different shape from the tusks on the animal. This clearly exposes the picture as that of an elephant. The photo has been tampered with, and not particularly well at that.
Fifth, the shape of the head is also like that of an elephant — it doesn't have the “lumpy” protruding top of head that mammoths had.
The verdict? A mediocre fake at best.