Hylaeosaurus Dinosaur


This is a strange picture that is not easy to pin down as a fake.
Hylaeosaurus fossils are rare and incomplete, so there is not much to compare this picture with. The dinosaur in the picture looks a little forced, but it has shadow in the right areas and seems to fit behind the edge of the hut quite well.
We cannot know what color hylaeosaurs were, of course, because colors do not fossilize. But the major problem with this photo is that the blue patches on the hylaeosaur's body are known to be armor spikes, and the spikes do not show in this photo at all. In fact, they look more like a flat hand-grenade pattern in this picture. This is enough to expose it as a fake
And even though Hylaeosaurus was herbivorous (it didn't eat meat), if you were that child sitting in the village, wouldn't you be running for your life?