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Zambia Railways Steam locomotive No. 204 (4-10-2)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In 1996 I came upon this beautifully maintained steam locomotive whose number plate on the cab identifies it as belonging to Zambia Railways, which means it traverses the border, bringing tourists to the Falls.

In an earlier version of this page I hazarded a guess that the locomotive may have been made in Europe, possibly Germany, but on November 8, 2010 Eric Boswell kindly wrote from Australia the following: “I do believe I can clear up the uncertainty you are having with your fine picture of Locomotive No. 204. She is in fact a 12th Class of the former Rhodesia Railways and was built by the North British Locomotive Co. in Scotland. I fired these lovely engines when staioned at Brok From en Hill (now Kabwe) and we worked double headed to Ndola on the copperbelt. I also fired the magnificent 20th class Garretts, 15th class 14a's etc etc .What memories of a truly well run system which sadly has dwindled to a shadow of a shadow.”

Other photographs

  • Side view
  • Three-quarter view
  • Rear of tender
  • Front view
  • Driving wheels

    Photograph George P. Landow

    [This image may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission from George@Landow.com.]

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