Ruth & George's 40th Anniversary Trip

On the Way from Denver to Grand Junction

(Click on the pictures below to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs George P. Landow may be copied without written permission for any noncommercial use — for hobbies, education, and so on. If you have any additional information on the locomotives or rolling stock in these pictures, please feel free to send it along to me at; pictures are welcome, too. GPL)

A view of the engine and front of the train on one of the many curves.

Left: This picture came out a bit blurry, so George Photoshopped it a little and liked the results. Right: The trees and cliff reflected in the Colorado at a particularly calm place; often it moved pretty quickly.

Left: a beautiful view of the Colorado. Right: looking back at one of the tunnels through which we passed.

Left: an old-fashioned undershot waterwheel, like the one we saw in Vermont. Right: A much more arid landscape we encountered not far from Greenwood Junction.

Arriving at Greenwood Junction

Middle, left and next one below: George took these pictures, trying to capture one of the more unusual landscapes we encountered: deep green with vegetation on the left and contrasting deep red sandstone on the right. One can see it best in the middle picture

The train at Greenwood Junction.

We arrive at Grand Junction

Left three: The old Grand Junction station, which is no longer used, is pretty decrepit; too bad since it has some nice details, such as the ceramic gargoyle on the roof.

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