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Lampang, Thailand: February 17, 1999

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About 10:30 am, slightly behind schedule, we stopped at Lampang for a house-drawn carriage ride around this small modern city. (Left) Our driver took this picture, and if you look carefully you can just make us out in the shade of the fabric top. (Middle) On the road. (Right) Back at the train station -- there wasn't much to photograph on the tour — I found this old steam engine, a 2-6-0 that looks much more like American locomotives than British.

(Left) The Eastern and Oriental group arriving back at the station. (Middle) Our steward from the Singapore-Bangkok run who arranged for us to get a cabin upgrade for the last part of the voyage. (Right) The train crew waiting the reembarkation of passangers on the tree-lined platform.

The Lampang station sign and the waiting train.

railroad trips and museums