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The Essex Steam Train

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Moving the engine from the front to the rear of the train

Left: The conductor who punched our tickets, donned an orange safety vest, climbed down from the train, and activated the switch so the locomotive, which was now on a paralel track, could approach and reattach to what had been the rear of the train. Left middle: The conductors wait for the brakeman to throw a second, more distant switch. Center: The brakeman throws the switch. Right middle: The locomotive approaches Right: Almost there!

Left: The engineer waits until Paul, the conductor, signals him to edge toward the coach. Left middle: Paul signals the engineer. Right middle: The engineer in his cab. Right: All connected, and now the train can return to the station.

Left: Looking from the open door of the coach, ne ses the locomotive's cowcatcher, coupler, and front beam. Left middle: A close view of the engine's front showing the numberplate and doorway that ones so the maintenance show can clear the boiler tubes. Right middle: Looking at the engine from inside the passenger car. Right: Inside the fancy parlor car.

A few pictures back at the yard


railroad trips and museums