Inside the Glanville Lumber Company Mess Hall

The cook stands at the doorway to the kitchen taliking with one of the crew, who leans against a table on which thewre are a newspaper and a water jug with spigot — both from Fine Scale Miniatures, which may also be the source of the posters on the wall. The windows and doors are Grandt Line products, but I furnished the kitchen with a scratchbuilt stove, sink, and shelves. The dining room has tables, benches, plates, and food — even a scale-model leg of lamb on a platter. The mess hall provided the subject of a how-to-do-it photo-article in the May 1983 Railroad Model Craftsman.

Other views

  • The Class-B Climax on the track near the mess hall
  • Sitting down to eat
  • The kitchen
  • Exterior view of the kitchen end
  • The mess hall's board-by-board construction

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