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Moving from left to right, one sees, first, the end of a tank car, my crew car (which won the Railroad Model Craftsman Kitbashing Award, a square water tank built from a Campbell kit, and the corner of the mess hall, which I described in a how-to-do-it in a 1983 article RMC. In front of the watertank appears the Glanville Lumber Company's engine repair shed (A Finescale Miniatures Kit), which is getting a new roof after a fire destroyed part of the old one; see the charred boards at the rear of the structure at whose front appears a partially dismantled locomotive under repair; note the dog in the doorway! Two cars in the company work train — the blacksmith's car and a kitbashed car with a steam engine — appear in the right and left foreground. The ground was created by using matte medium to fasten real soil, tiny pebbles, and ground foam to a plywood base previously painted with a medium brown. [GPL].

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