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Glanville Lumber Co. number 4, a kitbashed, back-dated plastic 0-4-0 Teakettle, dumps its ashes in the pit between the rails provided for them, and a crane and bucket behind the locomotive — a British Mike's Models kit — is ready to dig the ashes out of the pit and put them in a flatcar with wooden sides (not in the photo). Behind the 0-4-0 teakettle sits a locomotive under repair at the entrance to the Glanville Lumber Co. engine shed. A painted brass logging car sits empty next to the little teakettle, and below it are two kitbashed workcars.

The mess hall, which contains a fully detailed kitchen with stove, sink, and shelves, was built board-by-board with varegated individual strips of wood and Grandt Line windows and doors. The mess hall itself has engineers and other Glanville employs sitting at scratchbuilt tables that hold tiny scale dishes, a pot of spaghetti sauce, and a leg of lamb on a platter. To the left of mess hall (at the kitchen side, that is) a rather battered skidshack, which played a part in a project that won a Railroad Craftsman's Kitbashing Award.

The ground was created by using matte medium to fasten real soil, tiny pebbles, and ground foam to a plywood base previously painted with a medium brown, and green-dyed unwound twine provides the weeds and patches of high grass. Details from a Fine Scale Miniatures kit appear around the scene [GPL].

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