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This painted brass Climax-B locomotive inspired the Glanville Lumber Co.: the late Joe Glanville of J. & H. Hobbies in East Providence, Rhode Island, sold the used, already-painted logging loco to me, and since my Albion, Pawtuxet, and Galilee R. R. wasn't designed to handle logging, I created another fictional railroad, one eventually supposed to meet the AP&G. Unfortunately, the tiny engine never worked very well, despite Joe's and my attempts to work with the motor, and someday it'll have to have a new can motor installed.

Next to the Climax we see a fixed-leg derrick (an Alexander kit) used to unload logs from the cars. Four logs rest on the inclined beams until the trolly that brings them to the circular saw is returns empty. Behind the sawmill (a Fine Scale Miniature kit), we can catch a glimpse of one of the scratchbuilt portable dormitories used by the lumberjacks. The ground was created by using matte medium to fasten real soil, tiny pebbles, and ground foam to a plywood base previously painted with a medium brown. Bark shaved off twigs makes good HO-scale bark and other cuttoffs. The background is, I believe, a Preiser product I bought from Walthers decades ago [GPL].

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