Florence's Chowder Shack

Florence's Chowder Shack viewed from a 45 degree angle inside Galilee wharf [built July 2009]. This model, named in honor of my lovely stepmother, combines a main building and addition created from Campbell shingles over shirt cardboard with a tiny bit of Bar Mills stick-on shingles left over from Majestic Hardware plus Tichy Train Group windows and chimneys. The little red building is a $9.00 kit picked up at the 2009 Great Train Show.

Detail parts: the large vent and two piles of lobster traps come from Model Tech Studios (also purchased at the train show), and you can find a few small parts form Rusty Rails. The golden fish is a little tiny plastic fish I've had for 20+ years. I primed it, painted it with Floquil Bright Gold, drilled a hole in the reverse, glued in a bit of wire, and after drilling a hole in the siding, glued the fish to the outside wall. The cook is art of the Preiser set used in the Isaac Landow Bakery.

In September 2016 the Chowder Shack moved to New Haven, Connecticut. — GPL.

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