Isaac Landow & Sons Bakery

Isaac Landow & Sons Bakery [built May-June 2009]. This model, named after my paternal grandfather whom I never met, obviously derives from the beautifully designed Bar Mills Saulenas Saloon kit. I liked the roof molding, corbels, signs, and overhanging second story but wanted a more strictly Victorian look, which would use some windows I had saved in the toolbox for some time. The signs and awning are laser printed paper, the chimney a Tichy casting, the vents from an RDA kit, and both the sign and table used parts of the upper floor of an Atlas lumber yard (I had the second of the 2 structures left over when he new site in Albion had no room for it). The scratchbuilt stove originally served the board-by-board-built mess hall of the Glanville Lumber Company (accidentally destroyed almost 10 years ago).

In this photo taken late on a fine summer day, the bakers are having dinner after their shift has ended. One of the bakers approaches the table with a new loaf of bread, which he is about to put on a tray. Three loaves of another kind of bread (made from square-sectioned plastic) sit on another tray at the far end of the table. Closer to us appears a smaller table bearing a cake, drinks container, and coffee mug. The figures and tray come from Preiser. [GPL].

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