Majestic Hardware and Feed, Galilee

Majestic Hardware and Feed, Galilee [built April 2009]. This is close to a straight-from-the-box Bar Mills kit, my only changes being that I (1) added a scratch-built loading dock, (2) transferred the over-hanging roof on the left to its curent position above the dock, (3) enclosed the left-side covered drive-through, and (4) added some wonderful Rusty Rail resin detail castings to the metal ones that came with the kit.

This is the first time I've built a kit with either laser-cut parts or peel-and-stick window parts. The Bar Mills 8-part main windows impressed me enormously: I could not believe how tiny and perfect they made the mullions! I'm less impressed with the peel-and-stick roofng and parts, since I doubt they'll stick very long without additional glue (something the instructions mention, I should add). I had to use yellow furniture glue to hold down the roof edges and some of the window frames. [GPL].

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