the Blue-and-Red General

Taking Kemtron handrail posts (Kemtron 1720), which come in packages of 12, I drilled holes into the rear of the cab, epoxied in two per side, and added short lengths by brass wire. Filing away the cast-on protuberances provided by Tyco on the boiler, I then redrilled holes for the additional handrail posts and added brass wire for rails, thus greatly changing the locomotive's profile.

The greatest effect was probably created by painting and striping. Af- ter I had completed this locomotive and run it more than a year, I came upon Micro Tape from Walthers in a 1/64" wide strip. It was easy to apply and a coat of DDV will protect it.

Other views: (a) Loco and Tender; (b) Three-quarters front view of locomotive

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