Tiffany refigerator car

I built this interesting truss-rod Tiffany Summer and Winter refrigerator car from a kit from Red Ball, a company that disappeared decades ago. The unusual model of an unusual prootype is constructed of wood and silk-screened cardboard sides. This old-timer bit of rolling stock has link-and-pin couplers, which one could run with some older AP&G rolling stock or else place in corner of the railroad yard at Albion to suggest old-fashioned equipment from the road's storied past. My photographs of this particular model have appeared in several publications, including an article on 1880s railroading the 1979 Railroad Modeler and the reader's section of the 1980 Walther's HO Railroad Catalogue. Thanks to e-Bay, in June 2005 it found a home on a California railroad [GPL].

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