At the right one can see a truck descending from ground level to the bottom of the quarry, where a gas engine and pump empire the water that threatened to flood the quarry (and which has done so since quarrying operations have ended). Black plastic tubing representing pipe ran from the pump up the ramp, but is not in this photograph.

The quarry itself, which is constructed from styrofoam sheets, was supported on two old loudspeaker stands below the Conklin Limestone buildings sitting on a Gatorboard sheet reinforced by thick pink styrofoam. It looked a little less impressive than it does in the photographs, because a small gap appeared between the Gatorboard and the quarry beneath, which I covered with graphics software (GIMP).

I used finely powdered limestone, which I found in my workshop, but it turned yellowish. One of the members of Little Rhody explained that the local water had chemicals that combined with the lime, causing a this darkening effect. He suggested repeating the dusting but using distilled water this time, but I have not yet done so.

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