The December 1977 Model Railroader published "Building Glanville Park," which explained how to create a park with ground foam, and this version of Glanville Park (named after the kind and helpful elderly gentleman who ran a tiny hobby shop next to his son's gas station in East Providence, Rhode Island) is set in the 1950s.

The park slopes downward, so one can put it next to a railroad yard (my original plan), tracks, or river. The opposite side in the photos forms a right angle so you can place the park directly against a city street.

The two principal structures this version of the park are the Vollmer gothic ornamental fountain and Campbell Bandstand to which I have added a photo-etched weathervane and various plastic and metal details from Tichy or other companies.

The scene used 4 kinds of Woodland Scenics ground foam, and the flower beds are surrounded by three painted brass rectangles, which I believe are jewelry findings of some sort. The fencing comes from Hong Kong via eBay with the addition of a photo-etched gate from the U. K., which I purchased 30 years ago. (Note the gold bead standing above the stone part of the fence in the photo of the base of the fountain and the school boy: it shows a thin steel rod that goes through a hole in center of the plastic masonry pier into the styrofoam base, which allows one to move and replace the fence easily.) The park benches are Campbell kits. The scene includes approximately 2 sets of Preiser figures.


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