The ticking of the clock found its way into my consciousness, and I woke up.

Was that just a dream?

Only Iím still in my gown and my shoes. Feeling naked and open and still in the chilly night air. My hair drifts into my face, my feet stumble and before I know it, I am on my hands and knees.

I feel the grating surface of the ground beneath my hands. I am bent over without the energy to lift myself up.
I try moving my palm.
Only the rest of my body will not drag itself with that single movement. The rock on the ground cuts into my skin and I feel a sting.
I feel the liquid pooling around my fingers.
I keep still for a moment until the pain starts its bombardment upon my cells. Not just from my hand, but gathering its strength from my entire body.

I am collapsed on the ground.

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