Transformation of inflection can no longer allow for either symmetry or the favored plane of projection. It becomes vortical and is produced later; deffered, rather than prolonged or proliferating: the line effectively folds into a spiral in order to defer inflection in a movement suspended between sky and earth, which either moves away from or indefinitely approaches the center of the curve and at each instant "rises skyward or risks falling upon us." But the vertical spiral neither retains nor defers inflection without also promoting it and making it irresistible, in a transversal sense: a turbulence that is never produced on its own, whose spiral follows a fractal mode by which new turbulences are inserted between the initial ones. Growing from other turbulences, in the erasure of contour, turbulence ends only in watery froth or in a flowing mane. Inflection itself becomes vortical, and at the same time its variation opens into fluctuation, it becomes fluctuation.