Metaphor: From Plato to the Postmodernists

Erica J. Seidel, Brown University '97 (English 111, 1996)

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Welcome to my hypertext: "Metaphor: From Plato to the Postmodernists." This multidisciplinary project explores the role of metaphor in Plato's texts, postmodernist works, culture, and technology. I have braided together citations from Plato, Derrida, Barthes, Bakhtin, and Lakoff & Johnson, while maintaining a 'journey' metaphor throughout.

Here are just some of the topics my hypertext covers:

I used the graphical capabilities of HTML to develop an overall "journey" metaphor for the hypertext: The gray background represents the gravel of a road; the stripes on either side of the text simulate, of course, a highway; and the navigational links to the Cyberspace and Hypertext overviews and the "Metaphor" homepage are meant to look like road signs.

The template for the pages.

As a navigational aid, I have created an Overview of Topics. From this page, you can pick a topic that interests you, say "Derrida" or "Technology" or "Reading and Writing." When you click on a topic, you are presented with a list of lexias related to that topic. Click on any of these to jump into the web. I created the Overview of Topics with the realization that this is a multidisciplinary project, and, as such, appeals to a wide variety of readers with varying interests and motivations. The Overview is especially useful for readers who wants to sink their teeth into one particular aspect of the project right away.

--By Erica Seidel

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