The delightful undecidability of the Storyspace version, its more radical verbal and written schizophrenia, leaves much to be desired in the HTML version. Linking to individual words, to fragments of verse and prose, is an impossibilty in HTML. And as such, the very Derridean polysemy that I attempted to produce, the schizophrenia of words, indeed, the very life and works of Artaud, are not as finely captured. Images and colours, however, abound on this version; images and colours that in themselves offer manifold possibilities of dissjunction, confusion, and schizophrenia. What the HTML version lacks in (verbal) polysemy, it makes up for with the visual. Perhaps it would thus not be possible to make a value judgement concerning either one - each has its peculiar limitations and unique subtleties. Rather than privileging one version or the other, let us be 'schizo-phrenic' (in the Derridean sense), let us play with the opposition Storyspace/HTMl, enjoying the jouissance they offer us, affirming neither one and hope that in the future a synthesis will be achieved wherein we, as readers/producers, can be both visually and verbally schizophrenic.

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