Mr. and Mrs. Baudrillard had to straightjacket their son he was so excited coming into Anaheim. "The grandest parody of modern culture and I get to see it! I'm going to meet Mickey and rip his stupid costume off. I'm gonna- I'm gonna also- Mama, are you listening?"

› › › "Yes, Jean, yes. Remember what I said÷"

› › › "Yeah, that I should just shut up 'cause words are a simulation of thought and thought's an hallucination."

› › › "Uh-huh."

› › › "But, mom, I'm gonna expose Mickey and Donald to all the other kids. They've a right to know he's a childish adult pretending to be a childish adult so people won't know he's like the other adults and is.. um, childish. I know, Mama!"

› › › But Jean didn't really believe what he was saying. Jean's parents slipped him LSD with his breakfast cereal because it made them laugh.

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