Enter Barthes

Enter Barthes

Enter Roland Barthes.

Bakhtin (whispering to Derrida): Who is that?
Derrida: It's that man we saw last time.
Bak: I think it's Barthes.
Der: So do I.
Bak: What if he speaks to us?
Der: Maybe you should talk to him.
Bak: But I thought you said writing is better than speech?
Der: Then let's write him a letter.

Before the two can write anything, Barthes approaches them and speaks to them.

Barthes: Good day, gentlemen.
Bak and Der: Hello.
Brth: What are you doing here?
Bak: Waiting.
Brth: For?
Der: Foucault.
Brth: Why?
Bak: He knows the author-function.
Brth: Why do you need to know that?
Der: Because you told us we were dead!!
Brth (laughing): No, I told you that the author was dead.
Bak: What are we?
Brth: Writers!! Writers, you fools!!
Der: I always thought we were authors.
Brth: Well, it depends on whether you perform a function or an activity.
Which is it?
Bak and Der answer simultaneously: A function!!
An activity!!
Brth (laughing): Ha!! Just keep waiting for Foucault.
Bak: But are you an author or a writer?!
Brth: Never mind, boys, never mind. I'm a critic.
Der: But......

Exit Barthes.

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