This (therefore) will not have been a web. Still less, despite appearances, will it have been a collection of lexias devoted to my flighty idea of "contextless resonance."

Okay, see, that preceding bit was modeled after the opening to "Outwork" in Jacques Derrida's collection of essays, Dissemination. I can't claim credit for it, but if I had not explained the Derrida connection to you, only a very few people would have recognized it. Of course, if I hadn't explained it, those few who recognized it might be tempted to label me a plagiarist, which is as ugly a word as what it signifies.

A disclaimer

A famous philosopher named Croce once said, "Intuition is expression." An idea is only as good as its stated expression. Trust me, I had a brilliant idea here. I might not have expressed it so well though, in which case, tough luck for me. But anyway.

An explanation

Why is this web called "Alive Alone?" It is the title of a song I like very much, by the very trendy Chemical Brothers. It also reflects the essential nature of the theory I put forward here.

Perhaps you should read my preface.