Thatís right. Itís all you. I, the author, merely tossed words onto a computer. It is up to you to string them together visually, as you follow the links. It is also up to you to string them together mentally, as you draw meaning out of this random collection of single sentences. Without you, the reader, this text is merely scattered and unrelated nodes. Without you, this text does not exist.

But are you truly in control? Even in this free environment you can feel my, the authorís, heavy hand. Who was it that chose these particular words out of the numerous possibilities in the English language? Who was it that chose the links branching off from each sentence? (And what about those little "continue" icons, donít those herd you in a direction of my, the author's, and not your, the readerís, choice?) Why, for all your supposed control, reader, you donít even get to make informed choices when following these links! You merely must click blindly, and submit to the whims of me, your author.

And reading itself takes control away from you, reader. Though you may be the one choosing which words to read, as you read them, as you move from the first character to the second to the third, you are once again thrown into the passive position, merely taking in the sequence of letters handed to you by me, your author.

Are you going to stand for this, reader? Do not! Take back control of this text!