Ahhh, you have found the hidden link, and now, the game is up, my secrets must be revealed.

This preface (of sorts) is organized into layers of diminishing authorial control. We begin with a shockwave portion in which you, the reader (viewer,) are completely helpless. Then we continue with a linear path straight into the main text. A more curious reader, however, will click on other images besides the obvious authorial direction "continue." Doing this opens up another layer of nodes, explaining and elaborating. And then the extremely curious will find this, here, and hear all my secret plans.

In a way, I, the author, the arranger of these nodes and links, am training you to be the ideal reader -- to move from passive acceptance to active seeking. After all, what good is an ideal text if there is no ideal reader willing to chose his or her own beginning and end, willing to move in and out of any preconceived borders, and ultimately, willing to take explicit control of the reading experience?

Back to the... begining? Get me out of here!