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The critical theorist and activist group Critical Art Ensemble wrote in their manifesto "Electronic Civil Disobedience" (ECD) that 'old style' activisms are obsolete because power no longer resides in the streets in our highly mediated world but in the Internet. This view bears some similarities to Castells concept of the space of flows. Activisms based on mass uprise and democracy, which in fact merely reflects the power and viewpoints of the majority, are therefore no longer wanted or realistic, also because any mass is always already internally diverse. The speed and hypertextual structure typical of the Internet is useful in empowering minorities by providing fast organisation both globally and locally on partly shared goals and on the basis of fragmented identities. One critique I have on the concept of Electronic Civil Disobedience is that it fails to notice that power also still resides in material conditions, and that it fails to see useful collaborations between 'old style' and new media activisms. The whole book on ECD is available on the CAE website, since the authors do not believe in the old-fashioned book technology concept of copyrighting.

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