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The NextGenderation network is a European network of younger scholars in women's, gender or feminist studies was born at an ATHENA meeting at the Univeristy of Lund in June 1998 and started as an email list. I joined the network two years later at the Fourth European Feminist Research Conference in Bologna, 2000, and the NextGenderation website was born.

The NextGenderation network is a European network of students and graduates working in various fields of women's, feminist and gender studies (whether these are institutionalised in centers or departments, or not). The NextGenderation network wants to stand for a type of feminist knowledge politics, deeply concerned with the democratisation of higher education.

NextGenderation works in an autonomous and decentralised way. The idea of NG emerged among a number of young scholars in the context of an ATHENA (a thematic network for women's studies in Europe) meeting. Meanwhile it has traveled in several directions and contexts, through a viral type of feminist politics that it cherishes. This means local NG groups look quite different, may or may not be primarily academically-based, and are engaged in different issues, although all share strong feminist, anti-racist, anti-heterosexist and post-colonial standpoints. NextGenderation has the common space of an email-list to keep in contact, exchange information and ideas about current or possible future projects, and build a stronger European network. The website provides hospitable spaces for any other group that feels it can build some partial alliance to the mission statement of NextGenderation.

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