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This project seeks to show how feminist figurations, like the mestiza, the hybrid, the subaltern and especially Donna Haraway's metaphor of the half-human half-machine cyborg, can help us in understanding and doing feminist media activism in our highly technologised, postmodern and late-capitalist era. This project specifically aims at using the potential, typical for new media, to blur boundaries; not only between text and intertext, but especially between those of the fields of theories, activisms and technologies. In providing an experimental space for thinking through issues of identity, subjectivity, new technologies and their subversive potentials, it simultaneously seeks to evaluate several activist projects that made use of the new media. In this sense this docuverse connects to what Roland Barthes described as a writerly text: a text open to multiple ways of knowing.

Important for the discussions on the effectiveness of feminist media activism are especially issues of media utopianisms and dystopianisms, and discussions on the theoretical frameworks of postmodernism and feminist standpoint theories. What happens to notions of accountability and responsibility when the self in hypertext gets dispersed and fragmented, and when a docuverse threatens to become merely a non-hierarchical postmodern collection of multiple truths? Can hypertext and new media allow for a politicised and constructive tying together of postmodern and standpoint theories? Will the answers to question like these remain open-ended because answers not only depend on the content of the lexias, but must also be situated in their specific socio-historical contexts? Or have the new media some intrinsic qualities to them that provide already a politicised twist?

It will turn out that answers to these questions not only need to look at the new technologies alone, but also depend on issues of agency and politicised desires for societal change so as to keep from falling in the trap of technological determinism.

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