In his chapter of Hypertext 2.0) entitled "reconfiguring the author", George P. Landow suggests the idea not that the author has disappeared, but has been increasingly seen as playing a different role than a traditional author. Whereas the conventional author was thought to be acting alone, to be the sole creator of the written words which appeared before the reader, more modern conceptions of an author see her asCalvino's scribe, or a master chef, borrowing ingredients and perhaps even recipes from others, but still adding her own creative and personal touch to the "finished" product--before it is consumed by the reader. Landow too describes this shift that hypertext has produced in the popular conception of author:

"Hypertext has no authors in the conventional sense. Just as hypertext as an educational medium transforms the teacher from a leader into a kind of coach or companion, hypertext as a writing medium metamorphoses the author into an editor or developer." (Landow, 114)

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