The Reader in Question: The Process of Text Engaugement

Here's a free write for you. This project revolves around the reconfiguration of the process of reading within a hypertextual environment. Much focus has been placed on the author, Foucault, Barthes, Landow, (list titles) but not much has been written on the one who reads. Within traditional post-structuralist theory there is still the established the binary opposition of the author and the writer in many of the writings. Complications include the division of author/ writer and the reader from all. The point of this is to show "landow quote" of merging the two, though not completely, certainly the entity of the reader must be reconceptualized. But how does the conventional division of the author vs. The reader come into play. First Barthes tries to differentiate between author and writer - to bastard author-writer, distinctions are true to a point but more interested in author-reader. How does death of an author fit in? Then the author fxn: setting the stage for the reader fxn. My term: the engager - utilizing the play of the word, to be married to one's own ideological postions/experiences, etc and to gauge or measure a reading and to engage in a reading. Before dealing with the environment of hypertext thought I'd deal with proto- or pseudo hypertextual writings of Borges and Calvino, how they're works act as a harbinger to the new entity of reader and to finish the reconfiguration of what we now consider the reader through an examination of Reader Response theory, specifically the ideas of W. Iser.