Hajime Sorajama's earlier work concentrates on the beauty of the female figure, explored with meticulous care. Sorajama studied women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, in diverse outfits, and in various moods. His only prerequisites were that the female was going to form the central (and usually only) figure in his painting, and that the end result would turn out to be tastefully erotic.

Sorajama's work might not have differed from that of a million other artists had he not reflected on his actual motives and decided to pursue them within different contexts. Sorajama decided that he cared more about the aesthetic quality of the female form than the actual authenticity of his paintings. He therefore began to explore fantasy themes: The female form embedded within the context of legendary, mythical or fictional characters. This paradigm shift in his work attracted some attention, since, perhaps unintentionally, Sorajama had indeed made a statement about his own art and possibly about contemporary art and design.