Death of An Author in a Hypertextual Environment

"One can destroy (what we mean by) the author, which includes the notion of sole authorship, by removing the autonomy of the text" (Hypertext 2.0, 93).

Landow draws a parallel between contemporary literary theory and hypertext pertaining to the notion on the death of the author. The idea of sole authorship be it in the print or in the hypertextual environment is weakened when we talk of collaborative writings and its associated problems on defining authorship is covered by Landow in the chapter on "Reconfiguring the Author". First, collaborative writings where more than one author is involved, complicated by including editors, graphic designers and other contributors of the writings, certainly eliminates the function of sole authorship. Second, especially pertinent in a hypertextual environment, the creations of links that extend from and coming into a document arises a product not of one but many authors whose various works and ideas supplements. Inevictably this brings me to the concept of a netwok.

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