On authorship - Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes

Confessions and Explanations



I wrote both First light and the diary extract. How does the author function now operate? Can you reconcile that the same author wrote the poem, the diary extract, and all you've seen on this website?

Does it matter if you cannot? Does knowing who wrote the two works change your perceptions of them? Perhaps not.

(I feel justified to call these two "works" as I qualify under all the criterion, particularly in terms of labor over the language)

Was it wrong for me to withhold the identity of the author for the purpose of this site when I knew it all along?

The diary extract, incidentally, is real, yet I personnally feel detached from its author. A plurality of egos.

I feel detached from the texts themselves as well. They are now separate entities from me, who hold their own meanings regardless of my thoughts, presence or absence. I am the victim of my own writing.

The End


Diary extract

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