from The Daily Nation, 17th September 1970
A.E. Vithano, a former professor of Philosophy and English Literature at White University, has been found missing. Cyril Bainsbury, a columnist for The People's Daily, was the first to discover the celebrated scholar's disappearance when he made a visit to Mr. Vithano's former residence at Belling Street. He soon learnt from Mr. Vithano's landlady, who was also his laundrywoman, that Mr. Vithano had not returned home for more than a week. Mr. Bainsbury then promptly made a police report. When asked as to the purpose of his intended visit, Mr. Bainsbury replied: "If you read my column, you must know that Mr. Vithano and I hate each other. Now and then we invite each other to tea and see which of us succumbs first to the temptation of poisoning the other man's coffee." Mr. Vithano's landlady declined comment. No friend or relation of Mr. Vithano has come forward to provide information about Mr. Vithano's possible whereabouts. 

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