I chose to write this even as you have chosen to read this. Isn't this what journeys and life is all about? As writers, we are given the freedom to choose what to write and as readers, we too are given the freedom to choose what we read, or as you would have it, to "write" what we read. Are readers authors? So what constitutes a writer or an author?

As I prepare for my departure into a realm totally unknown to me I realise that there are some unsettled things I have to deal with before leaving....

"...old things are passed away;
behold all things are become new."

I need the death of self, the death of my old thinking...

Misguided notions, rigidity in thought, limited viewpoints.
Deftly, I grab them up in a single sweep of my hand and with a violent fling I toss them out the window...

Misguided notions
Rigidity in thought
Limited viewpoints

With that I embark on my journey through lexias, hypertext and multilinearity...


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