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The field sprinted off the grid like a pack of hungry wolves, each rushing to usurp the lead which I possessed.  Defensive measures were taken against those predators who came too close as I maintained my lead into the first corner. Once in the lead, I stamped my authority as I pulled clear of the field.

Past the Roggia chicane

Across the two Lesmo corners

Through the Ascari chicane

Around the Parabolica

I started my second lap in the position which the rest drivers wanted to be, P1.

P1 was where I stayed for the next 30 laps of the race. Having seen my nearest challenger left 15 seconds behind, the race was mine to be won. Halfway through my 31st lap, my team called me on the pit-to-car radio telling me that it was time for my scheduled pit stop.


Peters 2000



Phillip Paul Peters CCST02, Telling Stories in Cyberspace, The National University of Singapore

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