In traditional times, Saint Jerome developed a set of rules for what is to be included as an authorís work.

  1. The authorís work has a standard level of quality. (thus his doodle in his childhood is not to be included)
  2. The authorís work has a standard set of ideas who donít change much. This is a little problematic because most humans are fickle and it assumes that there is a point when contradictions of the author are resolved (a point when the author sees the light). What if the author has split personalities, or if he doesnít attempt to resolve his own differences, then what do we do?
  3. The authorís work has a stylistic uniformity. Basically, he writes different things in more or less the same way.
  4. The authorís work cannot exist before or beyond his living existence. What if we are not sure when he died? For example, there are still people claiming Christopher Marlowe is Shakesphere.