The meaning of authorship

Well, basically its kind of an authority, the rights to edit or create a text. It gives anyone the right to change the story of any text to

his/her preferences. When the reader gets some of this authorship, the author/writer cannot control the reader anymore. It leaves

the reader some control of the text, or more specifically hypertext.

Any hypertext that does not give the reader some choices to move around in cyberspace limits the reader to a mere recorder.

On the other hand,

it does not mean that the writer/author does not have any more control over his/her works.

In fact, whatever, choices given to the reader is still part of the author/writer's work.

In this point of view, the author/writer merely gives more freedom for the reader to move around.

Consequences of giving this freedom to the reader include:

1) the possiblities of changing the meaning of any text in cyberspace, depending on how you move around.

2) giving the reader different approaches, different viewpoints to any topic/contents contained in the space.

There is also another question...

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