Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein, the scientist of the century, was famous for his numerous works. One of his famous work was the 'General Theory of Relativity'.

After this article was published and the news of it spread across the globe, many interested people came to visit him from all over the world. Some came to see him hoping that he can help them with their research.

Upon reaching his home, one can see many pieces of small paper around his house. Each piece of paper stating bits and pieces of the difficult theory that intrigued them. The visitors saw it as an opportunity for them and left with the bits and pieces. However, little did they know that the pieces of information that they picked up were just small segments of Einstein's thoughts that were the starting points that leaded into Einstein's theory of relativity.

The question I want to ask is since these pieces of paper led to his theory, should they be considered as part of his work?

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