However, i feel that this does not mean that the author has lost all control of the text. For example, how the author chooses to organise his ideas would inevitably affect, if only to a limited degree, the ability of the reader to understand the text. For instance, in my project, i have chosen not to include the works of other war poets such as Sassoon, and in doing so have limited the scope of my project. In this way, the ability of the reader to associate my project as being one on war poets as opposed to Wilfred Owen is diminished.

In conclusion, I would also like to offer another bit of food for thought: In creating my project, i have extensively lifted from various web sources to enhance the credibility of my observations. I have also come up with my personal opinion to complement those ideas. In addition, i am also solely responsible for how i structure my project - what information to include, and what to exclude. Can I then be considered the author of this project, or am i merely a reader responding to other sources? My opinions are by no means original, but then again, the sources from which i have gotten my information are also based extensively on other references.

Where then does the author begin, and the reader end?