Who am I?

My name is Chua Ping Tzeun. Second year in the faculty of Arts, majoring in Psychology. My hobbies include music, computer gaming and reading. But what does it matter who I am? What I like to do, the colour of my eyes, my hair, the clothes I wear? Telling you facts about myself is not going to get me anywhere in this enterprise, is it. So what does it matter, who I am? I could very well be invisible, nonexistent. Dead. It only matters that my completed work be found sitting in the computer's hard disk on the day on which it is due. It is this work which will be speaking in my stead. It is this piece of work which will give any indication at all that the "I" of this narrative does indeed exist.

Hmmm so doesn't that mean that we really haven't gotten anywhere yet? It really wouldn't have mattered whether you read this lexia or not since who I am is inconsequential to this undertaking of mine. Darn. Only one thing to do now then, and that is to...

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