Wherever I May Roam...

This idea of presenting this as a journey is the result of two distinct ideas which stuck me as I started working on this. The first idea led to the concept of taking you, the reader on a journey where I will be your guide. When I was a child, I was always fascinated by gamebooks, especially the ones that revolve around fantasy. It seems such a wonder at that time that I can flip back and forth through the book. As I click on links and navigate back and forth on the Internet, there is the feeling of dj vu and it brings back such fond memories.

"Roll a dice. If you get one to three, turn to page 23. Otherwise turn to page 44."

"You prepare for battle with the Orc. Roll a dice. If you get one to three, your swift swordsmanship is too fast for the creature and you slit its throat even before it could move an inch. If you get four to six, you trip in the darkness and the creature swings its club at your head. Minus two points from your life."

That is why I want to bring you onto a journey, one that will stimulate your visual and audio sense as well as your imagination.

Due to the nature and restrictions of the journey, I will only reveal my other idea at the end of the journey. You ask, "Why should I be restricted at all?" I am not restricting you, I only want to free your mind from my influences. Take my hand and I will guide you through the darkness and soon you will experience freedom. The kind of freedom you have yet to experience. Do not fear and come along this way now...