Purely by Chance?

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The idea of allowing the reader to choose his path of reading based entirely on chance struck me when I was doing programming on random numbers. I need to explain briefly on how a computer program that generate random numbers works. There is no real randomness in the numbers. The programmer already determines how the numbers are to be generated although he does not know which number will come next. The program only ensures that the number generated is different from the previous one. I have included a JavaScript that generates random numbers for your entertainment.

Every time when we are given a choice of following a link or links, we already knew what to expect when we click it. The media, such as the underlined word, the button, the thumbnail, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) where the link is set gives us an inclination of what is to be expected on the other end. The reader is able to make an informed choice on where he wants to go based on the information that is provided by the author. Does he really have his own freedom of making his choice? Not really. There is no real freedom is choice simply because the reader is already influenced by the information provided. The information could be inaccurate, incomplete or a product of the author's motive, whatever that is.

There is only true freedom when the reader does not know what he is stumbling onto. Philosophically, this may be Utopia but logically, this is simply senseless. Why do you want to follow a link where you do not have a purpose of following? After all, who wants to do something that is nonsensical? While we are at it, why not have some fun?

That is why I have devised the Dice of Destiny. I have tried to make the choice available to the reader based on chance as much as possible. There are six links for you to follow. The links are not arranged in any sequence, the media (in this instance, pictures) where the link is set does not provide you with any information of what is on the other end. The pictures are mainly meant for visual stimulation although they are distantly related to the subject matter of the link. It is quite impossible to guess how are the pictures related to the link even after you have seen a few. It does not matter which link you choose to follow first although all the links are related to one another.