The End...Complete

Now that you have come to the end of the journey, I hope that I have been an informative and hospitable cyber guide. I sincerely apologise for those bumps (I know those JavaScript seems to take forever to load) along the way. As it is typical for the tour guide to credit the tour company and coach driver, I need to give credits to those who have allowed me to make your journey possible.

My boss, Professor George Landow, who have entrusted me with the duty of providing this journey;

My map and compass, Allaire Homesite 4.5 and Microsoft FrontPage 4.0;

My planner, Globalscape CuteFTP 4.0

My survival kit, Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit 1.2;

My references, "Roland Barthes, S/Z, United States: Hill and Wang, 1974" and "Michel Foucault, What Is an Author?";

Not forgetting your coach bus, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5.

If you have any complaints or compliments, please send   

Thank you for travelling with us, we hope to see you again.