Thoughts on
Metaphysics ---by Jacques Derrida
Dear Dr. Derrida,

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

----Concerned in Kalamazoo
A: Good question, Concerned, it is at once trivial and philosophical. The question is magnificently answered by certain sarcophagi "O Ra, who art in thy egg." Thus, the egg comes first, but already needs its offspring to be in order for it to exist.

If this is difficult for you to understand, we can also turn to that other Q&A guru, Ann Landers, who said that since reptiles were the precursors to birds, and since reptiles lay eggs, then the egg came first.

For an on-line discussion of these and similarly pressing matters (i.e. toilet paper, over or under?) consult her website. I will leave you with this thought to ponder: a+a[a*7.32-8]=a/[a-63\a]a/aa||a*aa+a=[a+a-a/95.3265-[a*a]+a.

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