yt.JPG (37757 bytes)            Calling Mom doesn't seem quite so urgent, come to think of it. That thrasher across the street is awfully cute, though he's no Raven, mind you. Tall and rail-thin, with piercing blue eyes and a sly grin. Things might get very interesting, indeed.

            Actually, it is his plank that really catches her eye at first. Top of the line, even for RadiKS, with all the latest gadgets. Even the colors - neon green with red lightning bolts - scream for attention. The Vitaly Chernobyl bumper sticker is a nice touch as well. She moves in for a closer look.

            "Hey, that was some jump from that chopper," he says.

            "Yeah, well, I like to please my audience, you know?"

            "I'm sure you do. My name's Chad."

            "Call me Y.T."

            "Okay, I give," he says with a chuckle, "what's it stand for?" skater.JPG (12131 bytes)

            "Yours Today," she says with a wink and a smile.

            "Sounds good to me. Actually, I've got a pad just a few miles from here, in the town of Hotel."

            "Hotel, California?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "You've gotta be kidding me."

            "No, it's true. If you don't like it, you can check out any time..."


It is check out time indeed; time to ditch this dweeb and head for LAX, where the real action is.

He may be a dork, but he's a cute dork. Take me to Hotel, California.