hiro.jpg (49640 bytes)            Six wireheads or not, a warrior prince must always go for his katana in the face of opposition. After wriggling his fingers arount the hilt, Hiro whips his wrist downward and to the right towards the nearest wirehead. While the slice does not immediately loosen the babbel-speaker's grip, it does dislodge the man's arms from the rest of his body, and the arms drop uselessly from Hiro a moment later.

            Hiro then twists his second arm free, decapitating a wirehead in the process and sending the front of his body crashing into the ground, so that he is now being dragged by three others, legs first.

            They are dragging him right past the fragments of the nam-shub, but he doesn't even notice. As Hiro thrashes around, trying to get them to move within sword's length, he unknowingly swipes a large fragment of the tablet, and it slides off the deck and into the water with a dull "splash." Perhaps subconsciously realizing something is amiss, Hiro stops thrashing to try and get his bearings.

            But suddenly six more wireheads are on his wrists and shoulders, freezing him in place before lifting him up again and resuming their march. Ludicrously, Hiro still has his katana in hand; he just can't use it. The wireheads are anything but agressive. They are simply performing their broadcasted instructions. As they cross the flight deck,

            "Hiro looks up into the tower and sees a couple of faces looking down at him. One of them...is talking into a microphone."


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