library.JPG (30001 bytes)            "Before this discussion closes, then," Landow says, "I would like to comment briefly on how this Adventure functions as a hypertext experience."

            "Sounds very pertinent," the Librarian says.

            "I was quoted earlier as describing this format as being ideally infinitely recenterable, with the point of focus depending upon the reader. I would like to add that, in addition to helping readers discern their general locatiuon within an information space at any moment, hypertext systems also have to provide both some means of informing them whence they came and also a means of allowing them to return there."

            "So the reader must have not only the desire to create his or her own pathways, he or she must also be given the means with which to manoeuver," Haraway says.


            "Well," the Librarian says, "as long as one does not mind stumbling upon Stephenson's plot summary too often, I find this 'Choose Your Own Adventure' to be quite efficient as a hypertext document. Of course, this may be due to the undeniable integrity of the moderator."

            "It sounds like someone has planted the ego virus in your software, Librarian," Baudrillard says, as he pets the restless Fido.

            Suddenly, Fido is no longer restless. His eyes begin to flutter, and a low growl begins to emanate from his belly.

            "Well," the Librarian snaps, "that does it from my end. Everyone, it has been a pleasure, but if you will excuse me I believe I am needed in the Agriculture stacks." The others follow suit, as things are about to get noisy at a Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong franchise in the southwest...

Fido wakes up.