heli.JPG (38123 bytes)            "For a minute or so, the chopper hovers twenty feet overhead. All the people inside are staring down at the tablet, which has burst out of its wrappings in the middle of the bullseye. The plastic has torn apart around the corners and fragments - large fragments - of the tablet have sprayed out for a few feet in either direction.

            "Hiro stares at it, too, still safe behind the cover of a parked chopper. He stares at it so hard that he forgets to stare at anything else. Then a couple of wireheads land on his back, smashing his face into the flank of the chopper. He slides down and lands on his belly. His gun arm is still free, but a couple more wireheads sit on that. A couple on his legs, too. He can't move at all. He can't see anything but the broken tablet, twenty feet away on the flight deck..."

            hiro.jpg (49640 bytes)"They sit on him for a few minutes before they decide what to do next. Then, many hands reach down and clasp him around the wrists and ankles, elbows and knees. They haul him across the flight deck like pallbearers, face up..."

            To struggle, or not to struggle? That is the question. With six wireheads attached, Hiro doesn't stand much of a chance of escaping. However, his right hand is being held within reach of his katana. He might not break free, but he could certainly wreak a little havoc...


If you really want to kick some wirehead tushy, go for the katana.

If limp obedience is more your bag, lie back and see where the wireheads are taking you.

Hmmm, I wonder what Fido is up to?